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SoYouMeet is a website with a great vision: to build an original meeting place accessible to everyone.
Some sites are used by millions of users around the world and clearly lack transparency. We believe that a dating site must be free, without limit of use and that it must promote the human and not sell their faces on an e-commerce site.
I Bigtata founder SoYouMeet and I'll tell you how it works here ...
SoYouMeet has three roles. You can search for a real relationship in the long run, flirtation one night or looking for a lover if you're tired in your marriage for example.
Welcome to our world, you are, heterosexual, homosexual or transsexual. You or welcome.
On SoYouMeet you can contact anyone. There are no limits unless the person blocking you. No need to have the most beautiful face in the world (Tinder) and no need to pay to talk (Meetic).
You know if the person is online and how long it is absent. So you will not have the feeling like to send a deserted account.
There are no old account. If you are absent for 1 month, your account is disabled (it is no longer in our proposed mechanisms) and if the person is inactive for more than 3 months, we finally erase the account in full.
No advertising, advertising is a real problem today is omnipresent. We looked for an alternative solution with premium services which are optional, but can be very handy.
No invisibility! You are not invisible and there is no question that we facilitate the excesses of harassment and voyeurism.
We have created a notification center to report any activity you. You will be notified visits, received likes, matches and also believes changes in games. You will also be notified if the person hangs up and unlocks.
We created a regional news feed and also for the people you follow. You can share on Facebook as your passions, your ads, your photos, videos, and your moods tickets. Published without limits and know you made in your country or region.
Make matches and change your mind without paying. Our games are permanent for the life of your account, you do not matcherez every day the same members. In addition, you have a complete history.
We created an event system. Creates such a movie night in your area. Members can register and there will be you to make your choice. No need to have Facebook friends to check on you or make your unhealthy romantic evening (Tinder).
Discuss on our chatting. We have created a chatting or you can chat with other members. You can chat in cities, public rooms and private rooms. Remember Caramail or IRC.
quick registration. We did not want a registration through Facebook. We have optimized our application for this to be quick in 4 steps. After you are free to tweak your profiles.
Unsubscribe. You are free to leave at any time of SoYouMeet. Your account will be deactivated immediately. And within a period of 14 days, your account will be permanently deleted.
Full transparency, see your visitors and use our statistical system. You will not miss information all coupled to the notification center.
SoYouMeet is international and you can filter your search based on your language or language chosen.
If you had a subscription (paid) and you disable your account. You will receive a token (a key character) allowing you to either offer to your friends, family or just reuse your benefits later. The token is valid for 1 year and it is possible for you extended the term ...
To provide a quality service, we opt instead for a human moderation. When you report a member that opens a tracking ticket and you can also authorize a moderator SoYouMeet to read your private conversation. We want to make your visit as pleasant as possible.
SoYouMeet is an ad-free service. If you see advertising or product placement, help us by reporting it.
We are human, we have our faults, we have a tendency to repeat the same mistakes. But we are also beings endowed with talent and originality. Together our values!
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