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On SoYouMeet none of your data is kept on the long term. Note that all data has an expiration date. SoYouMeet is not a social network long term. You are just passing the time to find your happiness.
For various reasons, the first is not to have old profiles on our site. This also saves on the DATA (Storage) in our DataCenters. This also prevents breakage for any hacking or breakdown. All this greatly reduces the risk while respecting your privacy.
The SoYouMeet accounts :
After 1 month (31 days), to inactivate your account will disable SoYouMeet. Your account will no longer be available to other users of SoYouMeet.
After 3 months (93 days) deactivation, your account will SoYouMeet in termination. What still give you 14 days to reactivate before permanently deleting it.
In the case of a delete request account. Your account will be deleted 14 days after the request.
Your pictures :
Time your account is deleted, your photos are not subject to an expiration date.
The logs of connections :
Time your account is deleted, your logs of connections and sessions are not subject to an expiration date.
Cleaning the news feed :
The contents of the news feed will be automatically deleted after 1 month (31 days).
Cleaning games :
If you have had an affinity, your game remains present for 3 months (93 days) max.
Otherwise, the matches are deleted after 7 days.
Cleaning the private courier :
All private conversations beyond 1 month (31 days) are deleted.
Cleaning chatrooms :
All conversations beyond 24 hours are erased.
Cleaning events :
All events expired more than 31 days are deleted.
Notification Center :
The content of the notifications center is deleted after 1 month (31 days).
In the case of notifications marked as read, they are erased in 7 days.
Your statistics :
Statistics have a duration of 1 month (31 days). After they are cleared.
Your visitors :
You can view the history of your viewers for a period of 1 month (31 days). After the history is cleared.
Tokens :
Tokens are automatically destroyed after 1 year (365 days). If your token comes close to the date of destruction you will receive an email for extended service life.
In the case of non-compliance with our Terms and Conditions or in the case of an investigation. Your account will not be deleted. SoYouMeet is keeps your data for 2 years (730 days) maximum. In order to cooperate with the competent authorities.
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